3 Tools to Make Your Life as an ADI Easier

3 Tools to Make Your Life as an ADI Easier

We know that being a driving instructor can mean spinning a lot of plates: Chasing up pupils, keeping an organised schedule, and staying on top of your finances to name a few things that will keep you on your toes. 

From speaking to our instructors, and getting insights into how they best organise themselves, we have managed to devise a short list of useful tools you can start using today to help with the runnings of your day-to-day.

1) Todoist


To put it simply, Todoist is a tool that sends you reminders for things you need to do. Whether it be to call back a pupil, or rearrange a lesson time, this tool can be used as a digital checklist so you don’t forget errands or tasks throughout the day – a virtual “to do list”. 

2) TextMagic

TextMagic is a service through which you can organise all of your texts and messaging with your pupils – or indeed with other instructors. You can quickly send group texts from your own TextMagic number to your desired recipients, without having to manually do too much – unlike using text or Whatsapp. This may prove useful in light of COVID-19 and the constant changes to the government guidelines.

3) Google Analytics


Google Analytics is a web service offered by Google that tracks and reports website traffic within the Google Marketing Platform brand. You can add this tool to see just where your potential customers are clicking and what they’re interested in! This way you’ll know what to direct your attention to.

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