And We’re Back! Driving Lessons to Start Again from July 4th

And We’re Back! Driving Lessons to Start Again from July 4th

After several months of us not being able to help any learners, it was finally announced last week that driving lessons can start again! From July 4th, lessons can resume in England once again. The decision comes within a broader easing of restrictions alongside bars, restaurants, and cinemas reopening their doors. Happy days!

Naturally, there are going to be question marks over how lessons can start again. Learners and instructors want to be reassured of their safety, and of course, there may be some uncertainty around when you can start or pick up your lessons. So we want to quickly outline the guidance surrounding our restart and give as much necessary advice as possible.

I Want to Get Booked in ASAP – What Should I do?

First and foremost, as you can imagine, there is currently a backlog of learners who have not been able to drive for some time. This is due to lessons being postponed, and other learners having their tests rearranged or canceled. Subsequently, there is a bit of a bottleneck to get driving lessons at the moment; those whos lessons came to abrupt holt during lockdown will get priority with their driving instructors, as well as those who have tests booked in for the near future.

Here at Passmate, we can still work on getting you booked in to as close as to the date you wanted to start your lessons anyway. We would recommend that you pay your deposit of £25 so we can reserve your space as close to the front of the queue as possible. This way, we can try getting you booked in at the next available slot at yours and the instructor’s convenience.

Click here to get booked in ASAP.

I Don’t Need to Start My Lessons for a Little While – What do I Need to Do?

If you are looking to start your driving lessons in a month or so, or maybe slightly less, or even a few months into the future, we would still recommend getting booked in now. As mentioned, there has been a 3-month backlog of people not being able to have lessons, so this is going to congest all instructors’ diaries somewhat at least for a few months. As a result, the best thing for you to do is to get booked in, and state when you are looking to start your lessons when you sign up. This way we can be as organised as possible when we are arranging the instructors’ time moving forward.

You too will only need to pay a £25 deposit to reserve your space. Please click here to do so.

Rest-assured, both Passmate and the industry as a whole is going to be working harder and overtime to make up up for the slow months we have just been through. So please be patient and understanding when it comes to trying to get your lessons booked in.

I have Unused Hours but I’m Not Happy to Recommence Just Yet

This is absolutely fine. Please just email us at hello@passmate.co.uk with who your instructor is and how many hours your have left. It is perfectly understandable if you are not comfortable to start your lessons back up again. Just please let us know so we can stay on top of everything.

Safety Measures

There are, incidentally, mandatory measures that must be taken for driving lessons to restart again. The government has issued guidance, and we have also introduced our own safety measures to ensure that our instructors’ cars are a safe working and learning environment.

Click here to read about the government guidance and the steps that Passmate will be taking to ensure the safety of our learners and the instructors we work with.

We hope you’re all well, and we look forward to helping you get driving soon! Freedom and the open roads await….

Take care, and we look forward to hearing from you,

The Passmate Team

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