Beat the Rush: Buy Now, Learn Later, and Save!

Beat the Rush: Buy Now, Learn Later, and Save!

Here at Passmate, we know that everyone is dreaming of a bit more freedom, the open roads, and the post-lockdown-life. As a result, we have decided to allow our learners to plan for their future and get their driving lessons booked in.

Our ‘Buy Now Learn Later’ scheme will allow you to book your lessons in from the 1st of July, and at a discounted price. You will also only need to pay a £25 deposit to secure your first lesson – the remaining balance will only have to be paid once lockdown has ended, your instructor has contacted you, and your lessons are booked in.

How it Works:

The Passmate process will be much the same: Sign up with your personal information and select your preferences. However, please be more specific around dates and time requests for your lessons – this will enable us to book you in more quickly and efficiently.  Once you have selected your instructor and your course, use the code LOCKDOWN to receive a 5% discount on your lessons. The code will only work on blocks of 10 or more, though. The discount code will also expire on July 1st, so don’t wait for too long! 

Date Changes:

We have set the date of July 1st as a benchmark, but this comes with no guarantees that your lesson will go ahead on your first scheduled lesson. We are still very much following the government guidelines with regard to social distancing. Subsequently, all bookings will come with the caveat of a potential date and time changes. However, once you are booked in, you will be in front of the queue to choose a new date and time for your rescheduled lesson. Our scheme is designed to benefit those learners that want to “beat the rush” once lockdown is lifted.

Key Workers:

Key workers can still book emergency tests and can take lessons if so. If you are a key worker looking to book an emergency test, click here for more information.

If you already have an emergency test booked, please contact us at hello@passmate.co.uk or on our live chat – we will help get you sorted with an instructor right away and we will contribute our commission towards all of your lessons.

Furthermore, if you are a key worker that is looking to book driving lessons for when the lockdown is lifted, please get in touch with us and we will supply you with a critical workers code with an increased discount.

Take care, everyone!


The Passmate Team

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