Coronavirus (COVID-19): An Update From Passmate

Coronavirus (COVID-19): An Update From Passmate

It is great that driving lessons have been able to go ahead since July. In all honesty, though, we were worried that our industry would be one of the last to open back up again when restrictions began to be lifted. However, that meant we got a pleasant surprise when it was announced lessons would be allowed to restart from July 4th.

Obviously, the environment of driving lessons has changed slightly – face masks being mandatory for both learners and instructors, for example, is wholly necessary. Another aspect of learning to drive that has changed is the difficulties in getting a driving test booked in. On average, driving test centers are working at a quarter of their capacity. This is, of course, less than ideal.

The lack of test availability has, unfortunately, had a negative effect on how quickly and efficiently we can book learners in for their lessons. This is due to fewer learners being able to pass their tests and subsequently, fewer slots of availability are coming up for lessons. Fewer tests, along with the 4-month backlog from lockdown, has resulted in us having to work off a first come first serve waiting list.

Although it is not ideal to have to wait for a few weeks to get booked in, we see it as the fairest way to run things. To get on the waiting list, you’ll just need to pay a holding deposit of £30. The deposit is refundable, so if you want to look elsewhere whilst you’re on our waiting list and find an instructor that can fit you in sooner, that’s absolutely fine – we can issue you a refund upon request.

The holding deposit will reserve your place and also pay for your first lesson. Upon paying your holding deposit, you will receive an email from ourselves asking to state your availability in a more detailed fashion to how we ask for it on the sign up forms. This is so we can be more organised with both learner’s and instructor’s availability and get people booked in more quickly.

To sign up and get on our waiting list, please click here.

Equally, if you would rather text or email us to get booked in, please contact us on 07451288967 or email us at hello@passmate.co.uk

If there is anything else we can help you with, please do get in touch and we’ll be sure to help you out ASAP.


Sam and the Passmate Team

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