Intensive Courses: A Possible Solution

Intensive Courses: A Possible Solution

The Problem:

COVID-19 has presented many difficulties to society for the last few months. We are, though, gradually dragging ourselves back to normality.

Slowly coming out of lockdown, however, and regulations being slightly eased week-on-week, has, for some, not quelled much of their apprehension. This is completely justified and understandable – the fear of this pandemic is going to linger for quite some time. So there is an onus on people within certain industries to offer solutions to make things as safe and welcoming as possible to all – especially for those that may not be fully comfortable in coming out of lockdown just yet.

The driving industry presents some fairly obvious barriers. For one, the practice of social distancing cannot be truly adhered to. However, measures have been put in place to ensure the safety of the learners and instructors. These include the cleaning of the car before and after every lesson. Additionally, gloves, masks, and clothes that cover arms and legs are mandatory. (For more information about how driving lessons have changed, please click here).

Nevertheless, regardless of the additional precautions, we are very aware that these measures will not offer everyone peace of mind. We are also conscious of the people that will now be required to go into their place of work. But, for obvious reasons, public transport isn’t an option. Nor does it seem possible to obtain a driver’s license.

Our Solution:

So our solution for these people stuck between a rock and a hard place is an intensive course. This way, a learner can fully occupy an instructor’s diary for a week, two weeks, or as many hours as they need. As such, they can form their own unique social bubble with their instructor, so the problem of sharing the car with multiple learners no longer exists.

The notion of an exclusive social bubble with an instructor, as well as the compulsory cleaning and disinfectant of the car and PPE, can, hopefully, offer some solace to those that may not have otherwise felt comfortable taking driving lessons.

Furthermore, instructors will be more than willing to take further precautions upon request. But if you have any other ideas around creating further peace of mind for learners, please do let us know on hello@passmate.co.uk

If you would like to book an intensive course, or if there is anything else we can help you out with, please also email us at hello@passmate.co.uk.

We hope you are well.


Sam and the Passmate Team

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