Learning to drive in Sheffield

The areas that we cover in Sheffield are Beighton, Burngreave, Darnall, Ecclesall, Hillsborough, Manor Castle, Richmond, Southey Stannington Walkley, and more more. We cover all of the S postcodes!

The amount of lessons required to Pass your driving test in Sheffield

It is worth noting that this can vary massively from driver to driver. Some people have been known to pass in as little as 20 hours! With that being said, the average amount of hours to pass your driving test is around 45 hours of tuition with a driving instructor. Of course, it is also wise to practice outside of your lessons if possible!

What is the pass rate for Sheffield test centres?

The national average pass rate is 47%, and Handsworth comes in at 42%. Middlewood Road is slightly better at 46.4%

How much does driving tuition cost in Sheffield?

The average cost of the lesson in Sheffield is £25 per hour. However, that’s not to say that you can’t get instructors for £23 per hour or even up to £30 an hour, for example. The driving instructors that we work with offer discounts on block bookings to give you the best deal possible when booking your lessons!

Where is the best place to drive in Sheffield.

It is likely that your driving instructor will know most of the test routes and the best places to practice throughout the city. With that being said, if you are able to go out to do some private tuition, we would recommend using places such as empty car parks to help you practice manoeuvres. This can also be a great opportunity to work on your clutch control if you’re driving a manual car! If you know a quiet estate nearby then that’s probably the best place to drive around. If you are wanting a bit more space, go out to Stockbridge and drive close-by to there, for example.

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More information about driving in Sheffield!

Sheffield is a city in England and is located in the South Yorkshire region. The city of Sheffield is just north of Chesterfield and southwest of Rotherham. The nearby countryside is part of the famous Peak District National park

Sheffield has a population of around 600,000

Fun facts about Sheffield

  • Did you know that Sheffield is famous for steel and you may have heard the city be referred to as ‘The Steel City’? The city is also famous for its two football teams: Sheffield United and Sheffield Wednesday.
  • The most popular spots in Sheffield are the Millennium Gallery, the Winter Garden and the Kelham Island Museum
  • What better way to get around Sheffield from the comfort of your own car once you pass?

How to keep the cost of learning to drive down?

  • We would recommend bulk buying lessons – you can instantly save on the overall price of lessons if you pay for the majority of them upfront. The average UK driver needs around 45 hours tuition to pass their test as well as 22 hours of private tuition.
  • Which means that in Sheffield the average price of lessons is around £1100 with the average number of lessons being 45 hours to learn to drive. This figure might be a little bit daunting at first, however, you can always split the cost over a few months!
  • Furthermore, having passed your driving test means that its a skill for life and the opportunities that can arise from having your pink license are endless!

Choosing between manual and automatic

  • Deciding between manual or automatic lessons can be difficult. You should be aware that if you pass your test in a manual car you can drive both manual and automatic cars. However, if you learn to drive in an automatic car then you can only drive automatic cars! This may prove problematic later as there are fewer automatic cars on the roads and automatic cars are also more expensive.
  • With that being said – a huge part of learning to drive is about clutch control, and, this is what the majority of your first lessons will focus on. Finding the bite and making sure that you can accelerate in a comfortable and correct manor. Clutch control can prove difficult for people as it can lead to them stalling the car resulting in them feeling nervous or anxious.
  • However, if you do manage to master the gearbox then ultimately, you will have more control over the car and can choose which gear you drive in.

Best way to save money on your driving lessons.

  • Stay consistent with your lessons – it is important that you do two lessons a week. This way you’re more likely to retain the information that you pick up from your lessons and driving instructors which will give you the best possible chance to pass your driving test first time.
  • Private tuition – you’d be surprised how cheap it is to get insured on your parents or a friends car if you have the chance. Why not ask if they’d take you out to get a bit more practice on the road?
  • Block book – If you make your bookings in bulks of 5, 10, 20 and 30 lessons then you can be entitled to huge discounts!

Why you should choose Passmate when learning to drive

  • Refunds on unused hours – We understand that sometimes learners pass before they’ve used their full lesson packages. All of our bookings come with the Passmate guarantee. This means that if you don’t use all of your hours, you are eligible for a refund. The Passmate guarantee only comes with bookings that are made through the website.
  • Change instructor – if you don’t wish to continue with the selected instructor, get in contact with ourselves and we will get you paired with a new instructor as soon as possible.
  • Secure online payments – You can pay with your card through the Passmate website, so you don’t have to worry about bringing cash to each of your lessons, or lose valuable lesson time by having to drive to take money out. You’ll only pay a £25 deposit on any block booking. Once we have received confirmation that you have booked a time and a place to have your lesson, we will take the remaining value of your booking.