Post-Lockdown Driving Lessons: How They Have Changed

Post-Lockdown Driving Lessons: How They Have Changed

As you may all well have been thinking, it isn’t exactly possible to comply with social distancing regulations during a driving lesson. As such, there have been some extra precautions put in place to enable the industry to restart, but also reduce the risk of infection.

Each driving instructor is likely to have their own take on what’s best to ensure the safety of both themselves and their pupils, however, we are advising that all


  • To confirm with each pupil before their lesson that they do not have any COVID-19 symptoms, nor anyone in their household or anyone they may have come into contact with is showing any symptoms. This will be a matter of trust.
  • Wipe down and clean the car after and before every lesson. Instructors should pay particular attention to the areas of the car that are frequently touched.
  • Ask all pupils to wash their hands before every lesson.
  • Instructors must wear clothes that cover all of the arm and leg.
  • Wear PPE (gloves, masks, and visors)
  • Hand sanitiser in the car at all times
  • Keep windows open during the lessons


  • Must wear a mask or face covering
  • Please wear gloves
  • Wash hands before every lesson
  • Respect any additional precautionary measures set in place by your instructor.

Normal common courtesies must still apply during driving lessons. Things such as coughing and sneezing into your shoulder if you have no tissues at hand, for example. And please be respectful and understanding of your driving instructor.

We are living in rather strange times, and driving lessons are going to be slightly odd for the time being. However, these are all necessary measures that must be taken. Passmate is very much modeling our restart on industries that have adapted and remained fully functional during this pandemic, such as the taxi industry. We are mirroring what they have done well, as well as implementing additional safety measures. We are therefore confident that we can provide a safe service for all of our learners and our instructors.

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch on hello@passmate.co.uk and we will answer any questions or queries as quickly as possible.

Stay safe everyone!


The Passmate Team

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