What’ll Happen With Tests After COVID-19?

What’ll Happen With Tests After COVID-19?

You cannot book a future driving test date

  • At present, you cannot book a new test date.

Once driving tests are back up and running, the people who had their test cancelled will be given priority – they will be at the front of the queue. This means there will likely be a backlog and you will have to wait longer than usual to get your test booked (but check back for the latest updates or sign up for email alerts). However, if you have additional time waiting for your test, use it to your advantage.

Here are three quick pieces of advice to turn the prolonged waiting time into a positive:

  1. Organise mock tests with your instructor. This can really hone in on your skills, as well as familiarise you with how a test feels and how to drive under a bit of pressure.
  2. Drive with a family member or someone who has held a full license for over three years. You will have to get used to driving without your instructor in the front of the car with you. Try and better your independent driving – practice makes perfect!
  3. Brush up on your theory for your driving test. It is so important to know the highway code, and it really can be the difference between passing and failing your test. Just do 10 minutes a day and it will make you feel all the more confident and prepared.

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